Biden rallies continue to wreck havoc across the country

Rallies for presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden have continued across the country in Democratic stronghold cities, causing billions of dollars in damage.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has begged for federal aid after extensive Biden rallies have caused over $500 million in damages.

Los Angeles has declared a State of Emergency after its frequent Biden rallies have destroyed whole sections of the city.

New York City was filled with smoke Saturday as Biden supporters let off fireworks and set fires to random buildings. Hundreds of mostly peaceful supporters had gathered outside the fifth precinct and were driven out by state cops using tear gas and firing rubber bullets. 

Footage showed Biden supporters had retreated while the officers increased their circle around the vicinity – defending the police station for fear it will be stormed and torched like the third precinct was Thursday. 

“We want to let everyone in the country know how great it will be when a Democrat is in office, so we’re making the most of our time in the spotlight,” New York Antifa Secretary and Biden supporter said.

“This is flubbah America,” Biden said through his translator Ozzy Osbourne. “If you dun flibbih hubben then piss off!”



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