Trump pranked Biden by rearranging his pill organizer before leaving White House

WASHINGTON, DC—As his final act upon exiting the White House, Donald Trump pranked the incoming resident by switching his medications for the remainder of the week.

Sources say this explains Biden’s erratic behavior since taking office.

Donald Trump’s absence at the inauguration was reported as an act of defiance but it was really the perfect cover to mess with Biden’s stuff during the moving process.

“He rearranged all the drugs in Biden’s pill tray,” an inside source told reporters. “He even added a few tic-tacs and Skittles.”

The outgoing President allegedly hid all of Biden’s trunalimunumaprzure and put a week’s worth of donepizel in the Sunday slot because, “he knows Biden won’t be going to work or church that day.”

No word yet if Biden found the whoopee cushion under the Resolute Desk or the nuclear football in a jello mold.


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