Dems shocked to find their lives still suck after Trump is no longer president

US—Many Democrats are flying high after the culmination of more than four years’ of bipartisan work to end the reign of President Donald Trump.

But some are already coming back down to earth as they realize that despite the fact that the cause of all evil is gone from public life and they have no scapegoat to blame everything on, they are still hopeless losers.

“Wait, what?” said Foolmeé Wancz, a New York Democrat and avid Nancy Pelosi fan, at an impeachment watch party. “I’m pretty sure that Trump was the reason for all my problems, yet he’s gone and I still have problems. This doesn’t make sense.”

While racism seems to be completely gone, other problems like death, disease, and just outright horrible people still exist.

Psychologists are calling this new condition Trump derangement syndrome withdrawal syndrome (Tdsws) and is being considered for placement in the new psychological diagnostic and statistical manual.

As a result more Democrats are now depressed since they have no one to blame for their suck than themselves.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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