Women’s march attacks women who support a woman SCOTUS nominee ‘because women!’

WASHINGTON DC–The estrogen was oozing from every pore Saturday at the National Women’s March, where many women marchers attacked women counter protesters who supported a woman Supreme Court nominee because women!

“We are all about women here at the Women’s March. It’s in our name, duh,” march organize Vivian Vicious said. “And if you’re a woman who disagrees with our hatred of Amy Coney Barrett, then we will beat you and sexually assault you, because we support women!”

The latest iteration of the protest event comes 17 days before Election Day and as Republican senators move to quickly confirm the president’s third Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

“[Barrett] is a vile disgrace to women and we hate every woman who supports her because we love every woman!”

Several female ACB supporters were beaten with pink pussy hats during the high-pitched event. There was much screaming.

“I cannot believe that Trump would nominate a woman to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And not only that, a mother, with a successful career. Why didn’t he nominate another man? It’s not fair!” Vicious added.