Activists protesting Columbus’s invasion of North America demand open borders in US


Activists across America are protesting the invasion of the continent by the invader Christopher Columbus by demanding that the United States should open its borders and let all the immigrants in.

“Columbus was wrong to invade the the land. And the only way to rectify that crime against humanity is to let these other people invade the same land,” the Chief Sitting Bullarky of the Smokthees Tribe said.

Activists held demonstrations in several US cities including Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. The protest in Columbus, Ohio was cancelled because that city had been razed by Columbus Day protesters.

“History makes it clear that the only people who did anything wrong in the past were European colonizers. It’s wrong for people to cross borders illegally so that’s why we support immigrants illegally crossing borders,” Chief Bullarky said.

Not everyone was protesting.

Several municipalities took the opportunity to celebrate indigenous peoples by performing live human sacrifices to the climate god.


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