Bernie assures public that his ‘re-education camps’ will be tuition-free

WASHINGTON, DC—In the wake of devastating footage from Project Veritas, showing Bernie Sanders campaign workers accidentally revealing Bernie Sanders’ plan to convert universities into mandatory re-education camps for conservatives, Bernie took to Twitter for damage control.

“Let me make my position perfectly clear,” he wrote. “Turning America’s universities into Gulags is a GOOD thing.” The United States is the only developed country in the world without tuition-free re-education camps for people struggling in their political thinking. Let me say again: these gulags will be completely free. They will be nothing like gulags the Soviets used. Our gulags will be DEMOCRATIC gulags, which to this point have never been tried.”

The Petty Prophet has reached out to the Sanders campaign to determine the status of the field organizer caught in Project Veritas’ undercover video saying, “If Trump wins… cities will burn.”

The Bernie campaign confirmed that the field organizer has been terminated and sent to an undisclosed location for re-education.


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