Bernie Sanders showed up to Thanksgiving dinner without a dish again


Presidential hopeful and long-time taxpayer freeloader Bernie Sanders showed up for his family’s Thanksgiving dinner without bringing a dish again this year.

He used to be tasked with bringing important dishes like the mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie but after years of stiffing his fellow Sanderses, they gave him less important dishes to be responsible for like the creamed mushrooms and tartar sauce.

That didn’t matter as Sanders failed to bring so much as napkins this year.

“I mean, we all are kinda used to it,” Cousin Timmy said of Sanders. “He’s a big socialist, so yeah, he’s going to freeload on us. He just grumbles all meal about millionaires and billionaires anyway. I don’t know why we invite him every year.”

It’s not like Sanders is a welfare case either. He’s technically a millionaire, thanks to his latest book, “How to Get Rich Fighting About Income Inequality“.