Biden agrees to presidential debates as long as he’s only asked multiple choice questions

WILMINGTON, DE–Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has agreed to go ahead with the debates versus President Donald Trump as long as he only gets multiple choice questions.

“Come on man! You think it’s safe with COVID floating around that we have long-winded answers to questions and the, you know the thing. Where is my staff?” Biden said in an exclusive interview on the campaign trail.

“Oh right, multiple choice is the only way to go. And I need the answers ahead of time Jack!” Biden said.

Trump, on the other hand prefers to talk a lot, joking to aides and allies that he’s been preparing for debates since he was born.

Biden has been tweeting how confident he is in press conferences and debates:

Trump is not impressed.

“Multiple choice? Are you kidding? This isn’t college algebra. This is the real world,” Trump said about the prospects of a multiple choice debate.