Biden confident he can win ‘after taking South Korean primary’

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden is confident he can take the nomination and beat Donald Trump after, “an impressive win in the South Korean primary today.”

“This just goes to show that this country is very big and diverse and that the fine folks of South Korea have spoken and want me to be their next president,” Biden said in a celebration of his first primary victory.

The announcement came after Pete Buttigieg’s campaign was cancelled by George Soros for Buttigieg complimenting Bernie Sanders too much.

“The field is getting much smaller,” Democratic political analyst Jerry Jackass said. “We’re down to Bernie and Biden and it’s clear that Biden has to right mental faculties to win it all!”

“We’re going to win in Texas and win in Florida where half the people are a old as I am, then we’re going to come back and win North Korea too!” Biden added.


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