BREAKING: Trump declares State of Emergency due to outbreak of deadly bernievirus

President Trump has declared a national State of Emergency after the Super Tuesday election as the country embraces what could be potentially the most deadly virus of all time: the bernievirus.

Biologists have confirmed that bernievirus is similar to other socialist viruses that have spread throughout the world, which killed over 100 million in the 20th century.

Mike Pence has been tapped to be the bernievirus Czar with an amazing supporting cast of Infectious Disease experts, Virologists, Public Health Coordinators, and Travel experts. Without a doubt, this potential public health problem has been among the best handled in world history and though President Trump will get absolutely no credit from the MSM, everybody is well aware of his efforts on behalf of the American people.

Naturally, as in every potentially deadly outbreak, there will be some individuals who might get panicky and over-react by either hoarding or emptying grocery shelves. Some are staying home completely and wearing respirator masks when out.

As the VP has repeatedly said, “Americans, at this time, do not need to wear breathing masks when out in public, but they may need machine guns, bazookas, or tactical nuclear weapons to defend themselves against the deadly outbreak. Maybe.”