Bloomberg waiting for Democratic nomination to go on sale to go all in

We already know Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer are in the process of purchasing the Democrat Party nomination. No secret here. They’re just waiting for a sale on the nomination to go all in.

It appears they are dropping hundreds of millions of dollars in travel, radio and TV ads, meals for themselves and their entourage, billboards and cash showering strip clubs throughout America. At least such stunts are stimulating the economy so there’s that. And the strippers can really use the cash.

The question has always been, “Is this strategy going to work, and is it really worth it?” “Will the candidates suck so bad can new billionaires jump in and get a twofer, the nomination at the convention and the Presidency?” Lots of bargain hunters are asking that very question.

Of course, Jeff Bezos is bargain hunting.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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