CDC renames coronavirus coronAbortion; suddenly it’s not a problem anymore

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The leftist dream of blaming Donald J Trump for a failing economy has been difficult due to the economy not failing. A new hope emerged in the People’s Republic of China in form of the coronavirus. With the help of illegal immigration and fake free trade with 3rd world dictatorships, aka globalism, the virus was able to spread across the world.

Sadly, due to the health standards of capitalism, COVID19 has mainly harmed the enslaved nations. The Chinese propaganda minister, along with US puppets of Mao such as Walmart, Bloomberg, and the CATO Institute have therefore used the rename PR tactic to lessen COVID19 ’s damage to regimes.

“As soon as we renamed the corona virus to CoronAbortion, the news coverage across the nation just plummeted,” Said Communist Propaganda Ministry official Me Li Lot. Technically, the virus does the same thing as an abortion in that it ends a life, it just does it after a lot more trimesters. “We thought of CoronEuthenasia, but the overton window hasn’t shifted enough on that issue despite the Terry Schiavo Case and other examples of getting rid of the disabled” said Lot.  

The name change should return the amount ofof cheap toxic toys, stolen electronic technology and industrialized “smuggled” recreational opioids to the USA within a few months. The regime that gave us the Swine Flu, the bird flu, the proxy war of Vietnam, armed communist terrorism across the world & other gifts is also hoping that the USA will become more dependent on the anti-Christian, warmongering nation for “free trade” if either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders becomes President.

Of course the only chance either the senile communist, the honest communist or whatever wins the democrat nomination has of beating Trump is for the media to create a panic. With the rename of the Wuhun engineered weapon losing its fear factor, Columbia University educated executives are searching for another weapon to scare the masses while hiding the fact that this #bioweapon just so happened to stop freedom protests around the world & harmed the US economy during an election year.


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