BREAKING: Trump stops tweeting; CNN shuts down, Dems call it quits


The entire world is familiar with President Trump‘s Tweets. They are the daily fodder for virtually every media outlet. On the one hand, many people feel those very Tweets along with his authenticity got him elected. To say the least they have always been and continue to be a double-edged sword.

Of course, every Democrat has criticized the content, and quantity of everything the President publishes. And we must admit as well that many Tweets have been downright cringeworthy. However, it’s not only Democrats. Republicans such as Lindsay Graham, John Cornyn, Roy Blunt, and at least a dozen others have at one time or another made derogatory comments either about content or frequency.

It seems this President believes ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ and has always believed his Tweets not only keep him relevant but was the special sauce that elected him. Most people disagree and Tweeting has likely been a significant part of his rapid-paced staff turnover.

Can you actually teach an old dog new tricks? Can old habits be broken? Sometimes. And it appears this is one of those times. Even Melania has, at times, been fed up with his Tweets and rumor has it that she has threatened to withhold her wifely duties “until somethings done.” Well, guess what.

As of noon yesterday, President Donald J. Trump has stopped Tweeting. The world has stopped turning. Hell has frozen over and the Twelfth of Never is upon us.

Immediately upon announcing this new policy CNN and MSNBC went off the air. The NYT and Wapo stopped publishing and declared Chapter 11. And most importantly, every single Democratic Presidential candidate called a cab, went home, and prepped for 2024. We wish them well.


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