Cuomo: ‘We didn’t prepare for an emergency because we didn’t know when we’d have one’

There is a word in the English language that the Boy Scouts have used for years that you won’t hear anybody mention these days. The Boy Scouts motto. “Be Prepared”.

The present-day Governor of New York apparently didn’t know this word in 2016. Though he does recount his father being absent from his Boy Scout activities because he was busy governing NY.

This is something that haunts Andrew Cuomo to this day. But the bottom line for us is that ‘Be Prepared’ should be a phrase with which he is wholly familiar.

We wonder if he’s ever heard of a “Rainy Day.” That’s kinda what the Pandemic supplies were supposed to be put away for back in 2016. He actually had the money to buy all that stuff but didn’t.

So now we hear that he didn’t buy all that Pandemic nonsense because he just couldn’t figure exactly when he’d need it all. Looks like he didn’t really get that “Be Prepared” thing.

We believe he figured if the s^*t hit the fan he could blame the Feds, which is exactly what every Democrat is doing today. What a surprise.