New Yorkers praise Cuomo’s unparalleled leadership in blaming everything on Trump


New Yorkers across the state are praising Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s unparalleled leadership in blaming everything on President Trump—from lack of ventilators to state budget deficits.

“Cuomo had been really horrible for this state, but he has shown excellent leadership during the coronavirus by blaming everything on Trump,” Bronx resident Cliff Huckstable said.

It was Trump’s fault to ban travel from China too soon. It was Trump’s fault that he didn’t act soon enough to stop the spread of the disease.

“This is a crisis and the people of New York need a leader—someone who isn’t afraid to take the steps necessary to blame everything on Trump,” said Cuomo. “I am that leader.”

Other governors and mayors have demonstrated top-notch leadership skills by blaming everything on Trump.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has criticized Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

“People are dying like dogs in the streets of New Orleans,” Cantrell said. “This is clearly a time for a strong leader to lead the way in blaming Trump for everything wrong with the city.”


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