Democrats launch investigation into why so many people want free and fair elections

WASHINGTON, DC—Congressional Democrats in House Oversight Committee have launched an investigation into why there’s so much interest from American voters in having free and fair elections.

Yesterday, AZ Senate President Karen Fann declared in a radio interview “the number of ballots reported [in the 2020 presidential election] do not match what was found in the audit.”

This has created a firestorm of attention. Millions of people across the country are demanding to know what happened in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Congressional Democrats want to know why they care.

“What’s the big deal?” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said. “So what if the official certified election results don’t reflect how people actually voted. We got the right result in the end, which is a Joe Biden presidency, so that’s what matters.”

The Ways and Means Committee sent a letter to the Arizona Senate demanding that they stop investigating the election.

“Demanding transparency and free and fair elections is for third world countries,” the letter stated. “America is a first world country, so we don’t have to worry about things like this.”

“Twitter said Biden got more votes, so that’s the end of the story!” Pelosi added.


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