Disney to revert to all silent films to avoid offending anyone


Children’s entertainment giant Disney has announced that it will no longer be producing films with verbal language, opting instead for only silent films again in order to avoid offending anyone.

The decision came after the company released its Disney+ streaming channel that evoked thousands of complaints about the horrific bigoted content.

“I was watching Lady and the Tramp, and I couldn’t even make it through the first five minutes. They were so triggering,” subscriber Ella Essjay said. “I had to cancel my subscription.”

Protests formed outside of Disney headquarters in Anaheim, CA regarding the unbelievably insensitive content in their films.

“Every one of their films have racial stereotypes—from the birds in Dumbo to Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars. We’ve had enough of this entertainment oppression!” activist Greta Nohumor shouted at protesters.

Disney executives said they will continue their streaming service but remove all the offensive voices and replace them with happy music.

Some weren’t even content with this decision as the mimes set to appear in the live-action remake of Mulan are said to be wearing ‘white-face’, an obvious tip of the hat to white supremacists.


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