AOC says she was ‘just kidding about that Green New Deal stuff’ as she cranks the heat up to 72°

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been making the case for reducing fossil fuels use and reducing one’s carbon footprint. But she recently said that she was, “Just kidding about all that Green New Deal stuff,” as she cranked her thermostat up to 72° during a record cold front that hit her DC apartment.

The apartment heat runs on natural gas, an evil fossil fuel that creates CO2 as a waste byproduct.

“Yeah, maybe we need to revise our standards regarding fossil fuels,” Ocasio-Cortez said through chattering teeth in her frigid apartment. “Yeah yeah saving the planet blah blah blah. I’m freezing my tatas off over here!”

Among other regulations such as cow fart police, the Green New Deal requires all homes to be powered by natural geothermal energy such as a geyser or volcano, even in geographic locations that don’t contain such features.

“Really, I meant the Green New Deal to apply to businesses like Amazon, not to people like me who are freezing! It’s really cold!”