EXCLUSIVE: Uvalde Chief told cops to ‘stand down’ until they learned shooters ‘preferred pronouns’

UVALDE, TEXAS—Many have wondered why it took so long for Uvalde police to respond to a homocidal maniac at an elementary school during the mass shooting incident last week until.

Uvalde Police Chief Pedro ‘Pete’ Arredondo said that he ordered police to “stand down” until “we found out his preferred pronouns.”

Arredondo changed the status of the shooting from an ‘active shooter’ situation to a ‘barricaded suspect’ so that police could have enough time to “properly ascertain the gunman’s proper pronouns.”

“We needed time to figure it out because if we had gone in there guns blazing and we accidentally misgendered him, we would never be able to forgive ourselves,” Arredondo said.

That change in status, critics claim, meant that police officers stood back as Salvador Ramos continued to slaughter 19 children and two adults who were locked in the classroom with him.

The FBI is still investigating the angry mob of parents for challenging the authorities to “do something” during the shooting.


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