‘Experts’ call for suicide prevention to prevent the suicide they’ve increased to save lives

In the April 21st issue of Lancet Psychiatry members of the International COVID-19 Suicide Prevention Research Collaboration warn that suicide rates are likely to skyrocket in vulnerable groups as the global lockdowns continue.

Who woulda thunk it? Put billions of people out of work, imprison them, give them unfettered access to alcohol and drugs, push already stressed business owners out of business, exponentially increase poverty and domestic violence ……

Wow, that sounds just like the Democrat Party Platform.

Where are all the feminist groups protecting women from getting the crap beaten out of ’em by men whose futures have been crushed, drinking more heavily than ever, and have nowhere to vent their frustration?

And what’s with the term vulnerable? Listening to the nightly Task Force meeting that word comes up constantly. It’s the new drinking game around here now that granular and data-driven are in the rear-view mirror.

What’s interesting is that when they say ‘vulnerable’, they mean the 1% of the population who are COVID-vulnerable. Who they don’t give two sh*ts about are the 99% who are Suicide-vulnerable, Poverty-vulnerable, Alcohol-vulnerable, Drug-vulnerable, Domestic violence-vulnerable……

This is exactly what happens when you put bureaucrats in charge of anything. Hey apparatchiks, you’re supposed to put those masks over your mouth, not use them as blinders. Just sayin’.