FACT CHECK: It’s perfectly normal to not blink for several minutes straight

(CNN) WASHINGTON, DC—Several conspiracy theories have emerged following a social media post by President Joe Biden in which he doesn’t blink for several minutes.

Experts say this is totally normal and there’s nothing odd about this.

“It’s totally normal for a regular human being to not blink for several minutes,” said CDC Ophthalmologist Steven Wonder said. “This video doesn’t mean that Biden was hopped up on viagra or that he’s actually dead, which is the most believable conspiracy theory.”

Experts say that lizard people like Biden often don’t blink for hours on end.

“Nothing’s wrong with my eyes,” Biden said at a press conference. “I just had a facial at the same place AOC gets hers done and I can’t close my eyes.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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