GA State Legislator Dar’shun Kendrick declares Wile E. Coyote a domestic terrorist


She is smarter than you, which is why she writes laws.

ATLANTA—Corporate Attorney, Georgia State Representative, and Chief Deputy Whip of the Georgia House Democrats Dar’shun Kendrick has a new crusade, and it’s against the most famous coyote of all! Kendrick used her brilliance in immigration policy to point out how Orange Man was wrong regarding illegal immigration and children by mentioning on Twitter, “How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?! Lord—–stop talking Final Debate”.

It was then that Twitter activists informed the Democrat the evil entity known as Wile Ethelbert Coyote. “Out of concern for the children, Kendrick is now introducing a bill that will authorize all armed forces foreign and domestic to stop Wile E. Coyote from separating children from families south of the border.

“Orange Man might not care about brown people being transported by the dog-like animal, but this educated liberal does!” Kendrick believes the law will pass and then be made a federal mandate by an unknown bureaucracy.

Many liberals have joined the effort to fight the coyote animals who are separating families. BLM is claiming that it is okay to partially fund the police as long as they only go after Wile E. and not stop any rioting, looting, or blocking of streets.

Hunter Biden has promised anyone who captures or kills the cartoon character known for chasing the road runner a board membership on Burisma. Sleepy Joe walked out on his porch and tried to fire a double barrel shotgun several times. He then demanded Elmer Fudd be arrested for owning an assault shotgun.

Of course some conservatives are trying to distract from the exterminate Wile E. Coyote campaign by claiming that Donald Trump was talking about human smugglers known as “coyotes”. The woke response to this claim is to call those conservatives racists. You can also report them to the ministers of propaganda on Facebook, Twitter, and other controlled media outlets. This could also be part of the Russian plan to use animals to help elect Trump.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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