SILLICON VALLEY, CA—Charitable giving platform GoFundMe is changing its name to GoF***Me after receiving some bad press over the Canadian Trucker controversy.

“Millions of people trusted us with $10million in donations to support the Canadian Truckers protest but after evidence came to light that the protesters had burned and looted and killed people, we instead sent their money to fund more Fauci experiments on dogs, so you might say that we lost some trust there,” GoF***Me CEO Rob Solomon said in a statement.

GoF***Me had no problem funding the communist utopia of CHAZ/CHOP despite rapes and murders occurring there.

They are changing their name to better reflect what happens when people use their service.

“It could be anything with those asterisks. It could GoFascistMe or GoFrogMe or just use your imagination. There are a lot of four-letter-words you can envision there,” Soloman added.

Users are not happy.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to use a service called GoF***Me. It doesn’t sound safe. I’ll probably be using GiveSendGo from now on,” one former user said.


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