Groundhog Day: Fauci sees his shadow so there will be 6 more weeks of quarantine

PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA—Anthony Fauci saw his shadow Tuesday, predicting six more weeks of quarantine.

No one can question the veracity of the predictions from the US health experts like Fauci, because science. So, when Fauci says there will be six more weeks of quarantine after seeing his shadow at the coronavirus press conference, people need to listen and obey.

When he told the people that there would be 2 million deaths from COVID-19 a couple weeks after claiming that Americans had nothing to worry about, we listened, and appropriately panicked.

When he lowered the estimates to 240,000 deaths after quarantine, then 100,000 deaths, we listened and panicked some more. This is science people.

And when he sees his shadow during a press conference, you better understand that this is how science works. Listen and obey or you will be arrested. What are you trying to kill everyone in your city? Stay home and save lives!

As the experts tell us time and time again, you need to listen to them, even when they contradict themselves because they are the experts and you aren’t. The fact why you don’t know that is why you aren’t an expert.