In effort to win over media, Ted Cruz starts putting COVID patients in nursing homes

AUSTIN—Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) who was criticized for not personally fixing all of the telephone and cables during the snowstorm is now being praised by the media, Democrats, and RINOs who now set the narrative for the United States of America.

In an effort to win over his political enemies, Cruz began dumping COVID-19 patients at various nursing homes across the state of Texas following the example of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cruz also pulled his relatives out of those nursing homes before putting COVID patients in them.

Immediately, the same media criticizing Cruz for going on a trip to Cancun and not using renewable energy to stop the winter storm that affected the Texas area began praising him for all of his wonderful hard work regarding the China virus.

Time magazine has decided to make Ted Cruz person of the year. Time Magazine will feature Ted Cruz sitting in the same chair as Adolf Hitler was in the 1939 edition of Time Magazine’s feature Person of the Year. Cruz has also been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and George Soros is now considering funding his next presidential campaign.

Cruz was worried that the trick would not work and then he would have to resort to some other PR tactics such as drowning a woman near Chappaquiddick or devoting more of a state energy plan to renewables such as what Governor Greg Davis did in California. Fortunately for him, the media narrative gods have found favor in him and will put him up on a pedestal as they have done with so many others.