Joe Biden: ‘My running mate will be a woman whether he knows it or not’

In a particularly confusing announcement during the latest Democratic debate, former Vice President Joe Biden, pledged to nominate a female running mate whether he knows he’s a woman or not.

“I will have a woman running mate, even if she’s a a dog-faced pony man, regardless of its biological sex or whether or not they want—like identify—to be called a woman,” Biden said. “It’s just the right thing to do and that’s no malarkey.”

The Democratic primary has narrowed to a senile rich white man and a certifiably crazy rich white man. The only discrepancy has been has been how woke their running mate selection is.

The trans community is mixed on whether they should celebrate people declaring others transsexual against their will.

“I am very hip to the times, man,” Biden said, “and if I choose you to be my running mate, you’re going to be jive too.”

Bernie Sanders has hinted at selecting Chet the living turd as his running mate.


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