HACKETSTOWN, NJ—M&M’s chocolate candy is going woke with new, inclusive M&LGBTQIAM’s with a unique filling: actual sh*t.

Mars Wrigley Group, the parent company that produces M&M’s said it was time to produce a more inclusive candy.

“We thought, other candies are going further to make people feel included and we needed to do our part,” Mars spokesman Joan Rivers said. “So we changed the name to sought out new ingredients that really fit with the message we’re trying to convey.”

The new release is filled with delicious milk chocolate and actual human feces sourced from the streets of San Francisco.

“We think that we’ve gone further than any other company as far as woke-ness goes. We’re even looking to hire Jussie Smollett to fake a hate crime with M&LGBTQIAM’s!” Rivers said.


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