Leonardo DiCaprio presents his top 10 bucket list for the 9 years left of Earth

With just a limited amount of time left on the planet Earth, Leonardo DiCaprio’s shared his official bucket list of The Top Ten things I still want to do before the planet freezes over to a wasteland. Although yachting less didn’t make the cut there certainly are some things that we all would like to do.

1). Eat at a ‘fancy’ restaurant for once

2). Watch Scarlett Johansson wrestle Emilia Clark

3). Get some really good toilet paper, not that Costco brand

4). Guess a ‘Final Jeopardy’ correctly

5). Fix all the mistakes on his Wikipedia page

6). Get some new skis for nuclear winter

7). Apologize to the producers of Romper Room for being such a dick on the set when he was 5.

8). Have countdown sex with Gisele Bundchen like he did for Y2K

9). Make the sequel movie “Another Nine Years Left on Planet Earth”

10). Buddy up to Elon Musk for that last seat on the Mars flight out


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