Modern medicine’s answer to COVID-19: Medieval quarantine

Every single hour new restrictions are being put in place for the sensationalized COVID-19 crisis. The UK has just considered a full one-year lockdown. What? Within the last hour, Gov. Ron DeSantis has locked down Florida for 30 days. The entire countries of Italy and Spain are shut down and closed for involuntary siesta until further notice.

Brazil is now being considered a candidate for global travel restrictions. The 15 days to slow the spread has turned into 45 days without a single mention of the avalanche of bankruptcies about to slide down the mountainside.

Not a single word about economic hardship, financial system, debt, joblessness, suicides, domestic violence, etc. during our most recent 2 1/2 hour Presidential Task Force Briefing.

So what is the answer? Quarantine! A word derived from Quatro, 4, the 40 days ancient plague-ridden ships were kept in offshore harborage.


But here’s the thing. Right now, today, immediately, straight away, tout suite, we have at least 5 -10 treatments that work. Maybe not in everybody and maybe only partially, but work. Now for the good news, it is very likely that within the next 7-10 days that word will get out.

Now, will the Dr. Fauci’s of this world suppress that information? Yes. Will GT? No. Keep a sharp eye as effective treatments and testing can and should get us off lockdown in a matter of weeks. Will it? What do you think?