Nation’s 1st graders explain to Democratic Hopefuls you cant take other people’s stuff

First it was old man Bernie shouting about taking from the one percent and redistributing it among America’s English majors. Then came Elizabeth Warren, through clever tax schemes and layers upon layers of unaccountable bureaucracy, who vowed to destroy what was left of the struggling middle class.

Not to be outdone, Kamala Harris promised to kill private health insurance and take their profits to create a replacement state run health exchange. Buttiege wants to take money from the fossil fuel industry and give to so-called “renewable energies,” and Beto has personally vowed to take everyone’s guns.

This latest example of state sponsored theft finally prompted the nation’s first graders to remind the slew of democratic presidential hopefuls the basic rules of human cooperation. “You do not take other people’s stuff” Rosalita Lopez, age 6, explained. “This is so obvious it was first taught to us in Pre-K. There’s a lot of things you can get away with when learning the art of cooperation. You can borrow things, you can trade things, you can even trade money for things, but you cannot just take things unless you want to be punished.”

Rosalita has a point. None of the Democratic presidential hopefuls seem to understand this basic concept of human decency. Don’t take other people’s stuff. Most of us learned that in Kindergarten, where were the presidential candidates of the Democratic Party during those formative lessons? I’ve reached out for comment and have yet to receive a single reply.



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