Opinion: How can I impose my values on you if you are armed to the teeth?

Dear readers, you know the story. Some benevolent utopian seeks to impose his value via force onto his citizens. The citizens refuse to comply and start chattering about revolutions and their very beautiful stock of seriously dangerous firearms. They go to the local Wal-Mart and buy up all the ammunition in the store to make their point that this utopian can stick it where the sun don’t shine lest he winds up setting off the first powder keg of a guerilla war.

Said utopian, tucks his tail between his legs, rescinds his beautiful piece of legislation that sent his constituency into a fit of rage, which effectively drained their zip code of any and all purchasable ammunition, and finally we are back to the tyranny of normal people just trying to mind their own business while passing on their extremely bigoted views (that can’t even make room for pedophiles at the local library to read deconstructionist screeds to innocent children) on to their kids.

What kind of dystopia is this? How am I, a graduate of Social Justice University, with a BA in gender studies, an MA in intersectionality, and a PHD in Labor Theory of Transgendered Mimes in the world of the Arts supposed to use my expertise to usher in my Genderless Marxist Bobo Utopia if you keep buying all the ammo in a zip code while telling me to stick it where the sun don’t shine?

Do you not see how you are infringing on my rights to tell you how to live and what is right and wrong? This is why the 2nd Amendment doesn’t prevent tyranny, but entrenches the worst kind. One where normal people who just want to make a living and raise their families get to dictate to smart technocrats like me how they will raise their kids. How will gender theory last for a generation if we can’t impose it on the young? How will we dictate who gets what and when according to our own sense of good and evil under these circumstances? How, dear reader, will we seize the means of production if all the producers have a bunch of guns?

This is wrong. You have to get rid of all of your guns so I can finally tell you how to live!


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