Paul Pelosi rushes to take out millions in student loans before Biden makes you pay for them

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has rushed to take out several million dollars in student loans just weeks before Biden has promised to make American taxpayers pay for them.

Pelosi’s timing continues to be excellent as he has he has made millions of dollars on stock trades just before legislation affecting the stocks.

“His timing is impeccable. It’s almost as if he has an insider giving him investment advice before legislation goes down,” GT Financial Correspondent Willie Freeh said.

Biden’s plan, which he announced shortly after Pelosi secured $14 million in student loans, will transfer up to $20,000 of student loans from people with worthless degrees to people who never went to college.

Pelosi will have all of his student loans forgiven as a special case.

“We’re protecting the millionaire class—I mean middle class,” Biden said about the plan.

Paul Pelosi is recently out on bail after mostly legally crashing his car while transporting a sex slave.


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