Rosario Dawson installs revolving door on closet she just came out of

Look, we all know people change their minds all the time about lots of things. People evolve. Tastes change. People can grow and mature. That’s normal and part of the aging process.

Rosario Dawson, however, has identified as part of the LGBTQ community time and again but never says what letter she likes the best. She loves to keep everyone guessing while at the same time advertising her relationship and love for Cory Booker.

GT has repeatedly requested she come clean with exactly what letter she likes the best or consider stopping her virtue-signaling and admit she’s heterosexual. Here we have some letter suggestions to help her out.

How about the letter W? That stands for Woman on Wednesdays. It tells everyone she’s on a pretty tight schedule, has eclectic tastes, identifies as a female at least once a week and can continue to use Cory Booker as her meal-ticket on Hump Day.

Maybe P? Girls when I’m on my Period. That would appeal primarily to Vampires but when you’re virtue signaling it’s just wrong to not be inclusive even with dead people.

How about S? I’ll be hetero with Senators but won’t go lower on the food chain unless I absolutely have to.

GT has now learned that a fully functional motorized revolving door on her coming out closet has been recently installed. This way she can constantly change her sexual preferences, keep her name in the tabloids, date Cory Booker who we now believe is a trans-lesbian, and apply for every single male or female role on Showtime and Netflix.