Sharpton slams Trump for lack of diversity in team that caught al-Baghdadi

Al Sharpton tore in to the callous President Trump for having the world’s leading terrorist killed with a roughly homogenous Delta Force.

“Trump better think about the consequences of his racist action. There were no Muslims or African Americans on in the racist raid,” Sharpton said. “And what’s worse is that Trump only targeted Muslims in the raid. It was clearly a racist motivated operation.”

A years-long hunt for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi came to a dramatic end this weekend as US forces overcame gunfire, a booby trap, and explosive vests in order to be so racist.

The ISIS leader “blew himself up” when cornered by US military personnel who conducted the two-hour nighttime racist raid.

“I believe that this horrible action by Trump is yet another reason to impeach him,” Sharpton added.


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