Biden gets huge turnout in New Hampshire by showing Trump rally on big screen

The New Hampshire rally for Joe Biden‘s presidential campaign got a huge turnout when they decided to show the nearby Trump rally on the big screen to the spillover crowd.

“We got our largest crowd yet,” Biden said of the huge turnout. “This means good things for this campaign and the early New Hampshire primary.”

Polls are showing Biden could finish as low as fifth place in tonight’s New Hampshire primary results.

When asked about Biden’s chances, attendees at his rally were confused.

“Joe who? I don’t know Joe Bite ’em. I’m here to support our president!” one fan wearing a “Keep America Great” hat said.

“This is the most energetic any of our crowds have been,” Biden campaign staffer Kyle Dreaded said. “Maybe if we just keep showing the Trump rallies at our rallies, we could maybe start polling better and actually win the nomination.”