Biden won’t release the cure to cancer until Trump concedes

WASHINGTON DC—Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says he will not release the cure to cancer until after President Donald Trump concedes the 2020 election.

Biden has promised that he’ll cure cancer when he’s president and he’s not going to do it until then.

“People really want Joe to release the cure to one of the most deadly diseases in the history of humankind, but he’s holding out and rightfully so,” Democratic strategist Phil de Bunkum said. “People don’t deserve to be cured from cancer until Trump concedes.”

The election is still in doubt as several swing states are still counting and legal cases mount against alleged fraud committed in those states.

“I just want to tell you that, I know you’re suffering,” Biden said from a basement Zoom meeting. “But this will all be over when Trump concedes and we return to the rightful dictatorship—err presidency. When Trump concedes, I’ll release the cure.”

Biden has also promised to cure COVID-19 and will release the cure to that right after he releases the cure for cancer.


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