BLM condemns white blood cells for oppressing cells of color


Black Lives Matter is not content burning down black neighborhoods to prove they care. Now they are coming for your white blood cells.

“They’re white, so they’re oppressive,” Tina Smith said at a rally outside the St. Louis medical center. “We want these colonizing devils out of our bodies and out of everybody’s body!”

There is a procedure that involves a blood filtration technique that removes only the specific white blood cells from the blood and leaves everything else, but many have questioned the ultra-woke statement.

“In a time of rampant viruses and scary disease, we strongly urge you to not get rid of your white blood cells,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a press conference regarding the new movement.

BLM supporters are unfazed.

He was cut off with chants of, “Let in the path-o-gens!” and, “Oppressed people rise up! Eliminate your white blood!”

“White blood cells have been oppressing pathogens and cells of color for years and we will not have it anymore,” activist Yolanda Perkins added. “White blood cells make up only 1 percent of the blood volume but take up nearly all of the energy. We must stop this injustice.”

Protesters waved signs stating, “Tear down the wall!” and “Let the pathogens in!”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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