BREAKING: Biden gets largest turnout ever stopping by a Trump rally

BUTLER, PA—Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden got his largest turnout ever for a campaign rally as he made a last-minute stop at a road leading to a Trump rally.

“I was amazed and honored by the huge turnout. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen—so many cars and flags. The energy was amazipruzing!” Biden said of the rally.

Campaign staffers said that they were a little put off by the fact that so many Biden supporters were carrying Trump flags, but that they were going to work with it.

“We didn’t get them the right Biden/Harris gear that we supplied everyone else at earlier rallies, but I think it’s still good for the campaign,” Biden Campaign Director Billy Fartface said. “We’ll photoshop all those flags later.”

The previous largest crowd at a Biden rally took place when they showed a Trump rally on the big screen.

Many Biden supporters said they were just trying to get to the Trump rally taking place a few miles away.

“Yeah, we’re all in line to get to the Trump rally,” Martha Briggs of Lancaster, Pennsylvania said. “But we want to support Biden’s special needs campaign too. It’s so sad what they’re doing to him.”