BREAKING: Elon Musk opens salt mine sourced only from liberal tears following Twitter acquisition

AUSTIN—Tesla CEO Elon Musk is venturing into new businesses. He is now selling salt sourced solely from liberal tears following the Twitter board’s agreement to sell the social media company to Musk.

Sources say that Musk is interested in making Twitter a free-speech platform but the natural resource of salt was the main reason for thee acquisition.

“With inflation and supply chain issues causing havoc on production costs, so the amount that Musk will save on salt by buying Twitter and therefore producing trillions of metric tons of liberal tear salt will be worth it,” tech expert Phil Donahue said.

Musk, who owns a more than 9% stake in Twitter, has lined up a $46.5bn financing package for his bid, according to a regulatory filing.

A hostile takeover attempt by Mr Musk, who is the world’s richest person, would put “further pressure on the board to stop acting like boot-licking sycophants,” Donahue added.

Salt is a key resources used in the manufacture of Tesla electric car batteries.


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