BREAKING: Hollywood saddened to hear of Ricky Gervais’s tragic suicide tomorrow

Just 48 hours after Ricky Gervais completely obliterated the condescending, hypocritical, self-serving politically correct Hollywood elites throughout his Golden Globes hosting, many actors and celebrities were saddened to hear of his tragic suicide tomorrow.

“I just can’t believe he went and killed himself tomorrow,” Tom Hanks said with a frumpy, wide-eyed shrug.

Gervais pulled no punches in his opening monologue:

Being suicided is a horribly tragic and concerning way to die and it has reached almost epidemic proportions that seems to have started in 2019 with when Jeffrey Epstein was suicided.

Recently as well, many of Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault accusers have been suicided.

“We should really stop this epidemic of suicide,” Leonardo DiCaprio said. “Jokes can be much more harmful than people think.