BREAKING: Kamala Harris will announce her VP pick this week

The Democratic pick for the next president of the United States, Kamala Harris, will announce her pick for vice president this week, despite moans of confusion from nominee Joe Biden, who is slated to die shortly after being elected in November.

“We thought we would release the name of the next vice president soon so that voters would know what they’re getting into before they vote,” the Harris administration spokesperson Millard Fillmore said.

Biden was named the official Democratic presidential nominee in August but the Democratic National Committee plans for the elderly man to make it just a few days after he’s elected president, leaving the office to his running mate, Kamala Harris.

“We need someone to balance the fake blackness of Kamala, so her VP pick will probably be a fake Latino like Beto O’Rourke or a fake Indian like Elizabeth Warren,” Fillmore said.

Biden has expressed sadness and confusion following the announcement to announce the successor to his successor while he’s still alive.

“Well maybe she’ll pick me!” Biden said.