BREAKING: New York Times supports Nazis with Swastika crossword on first day of Chanukah

NEW YORK—The New York Times have officially come out in support of the National Socialist Nazi Party with a Swastika crossword published on the first day of Chanukah.

“We have always been fascist, but we haven’t been open about it just yet,” Times Editor in Chief Hugh Janus, who is Jewish, said.

Janus said that the Times is absolutely ‘literally Hitler’ but that it’s time to see that as a good thing.

“I think Hitler got a bad rap,” Janus added.

Many fans were taken off guard by the blatant promotion of the fascist regime.

“I did Nazi that coming,” Jules Freemont of Brooklyn said.

The Swastika crossword follows a blistering editorial warning that Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu’s incoming government poses a “significant threat.”


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