BREAKING: Trump refuses to denounce white blood cell supremacy during COVID bout

BETHESDA, MD–President Trump has refused to denounce his white blood cell supremacy in the fight against the oppressed COVID-19 cells of color, just weeks after a Black Lives Matter rally condemned all white blood cells.

“The president is doing well and is receiving top not medical treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center,” Trump’s physician Michael Connelly said.

Connelly was asked whether Trump had denounced the white blood cell supremacy and responded with a non-answer, which is typical of the president’s subtle support of white blood cell supremacy.

The movement against white blood cells has arisen in concert with the larger Black Lives Matter movement.

“White blood cells have been oppressing pathogens and cells of color for years and we will not have it anymore,” activist Yolanda Perkins added. “White blood cells make up only one percent of the blood volume but take up nearly all of the energy. We must stop this injustice and Trump must denounce his white blood cells or suffer the consequences.”

Medical experts disagree.

“In a time of rampant viruses and scary disease, we strongly urge you to not get rid of your white blood cells,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a press conference regarding the new movement.



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