For just $600 ($1.64 a day) you can sponsor an American family


For just $600, or $1.64 a day, you can sponsor an American family put into destitution by their government for their own good.

The Celebrities for Forgotten Americans charity is spearheading the effort.

“It’s not much, about the cost of a cup of coffee a day,” CFA Chair Sarah McLaughlin said. “That’s why we’re asking people around the world to help these poor American families.”

The United States government wants to send billions of dollars to other countries but can’t afford $600 for each American.

“Even some Americans can still afford to help out other Americans. If you’re a lobbyist or employee the Kennedy Center, the government has made you a millionaire while destroying every small business. Please, sponsor a fellow American today,” McLaughlin said.

Do it for the kids!


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