WASHINGTON DC—Vice President Dominion-Elect Kamala Harris has decided to start off the Winter Solstice celebration (that some refer to as Christmas) with an early gift for Ballot-Stuffing-Elect Joe Biden.

After an incident where sleepy Joe injured his foot while supposedly playing with his dog Major, Kamala Harris decided to help the dementia patient by giving him a new dog.

Cerberes, renamed by Kamala Harris as SniffeMeLongTime is a rare breed of dog that happens to have 3 heads.

SniffMeLongTime is scheduled to be delivered to the basement where Sleepy Joe stayed at during most of his so called campaign for President of the United States.

Harris recommended that they be left alone for several days. It’s not clear how Harris obtained the puppy, but a delivery for the syphilis drug Benzathine penicillin G was recently sent by Fedex to the Underworld addressed to Hades.


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