Kanye West will try to convert Joel Osteen to Christianity at his church Sunday


Kanye West, who recently became a Christian and made Times Square light up with “Jesus is King” will be attempting perhaps his toughest task as a Christian this Sunday.

Sources of direct knowledge tell Genesius Times Ye and Joel Osteen have talked fairly regularly lately and they’ve become friends, especially since Kanye doubled his devotion to God.

Now, Kanye West wants Joel Osteen to become a Christian too.

Kanye is to appear at Joel’s Houston Lakewood Church next Sunday at 11:00 am and he will go to the pulpit and chat with Joel, which will take between 20 and 30 minutes. Then, Kanye plans on converting Osteen right there and then in front of 45,000 in attendance and 10 million watching at home.

“It should be a wonderful moment,” longtime Osteen fan Patrice Bernice said. “I just think Joel is a great guy and pastor and I’ve always just wished he would stop beating around the bush and become Christian already!”

Now is his chance, evidently. We’ll see if God’s will be done.


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