LeBron James releases new cereal for China protests called “Bootlicker-O’s”

Well this is stunning and brave. LeBron James, the best basketball player in the known universe, released a commemorative cereal inspired by the Hong Kong protests. It is called ‘Bootlicker O’s’ and he is expecting to win the humanitarian award in China for his brave endorsement of their brutal police state.

It all began with LeBron suggesting that the general manager of the Houston Rockets should educate himself better on free speech rights since people get hurt by speech all the time. Then he refused to talk anymore about the ordeal, although we fondly remember how Bron Bron never lacked an opinion on other politically divisive matters here domestically.

The Chinese government saw a grand opportunity to shore up their public persona by having LeBron kiss a Communist boot and make a nice sugary cereal out of the photo-op. Everything is going swimmingly for China as they now have the king of basketball kissing their authoritarian boots.

Take that democracy!


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