Local kid who only watches TV commercials surprised to learn that there are white people

In a shocking discovery that has left his parents scratching their heads, local 6-year-old Timmy Johnson has realized that there are actually white people in the world. This revelation came as a surprise to Timmy, who has spent most of his life only watching TV commercials.

“I always thought everyone was brown like the people in the McDonald’s and Target commercials,” said Timmy. “But then I saw a commercial for toothpaste and there was a white lady in it. It was crazy!”

Timmy’s parents were baffled by their son’s ignorance, but they quickly realized that it was their fault. “We always let him watch TV commercials because they were short and he wouldn’t get bored,” said Timmy’s mother. “But we never thought to expose him to the real world.”

The Johnsons are now on a mission to broaden Timmy’s horizons by, “taking him to the grocery store and he was amazed that there were so many white people in one place,” said Timmy’s father.

Despite the shock of learning that white people exist, Timmy is taking it all in stride. “I’m just happy to know that there are different kinds of people in the world,” he said. “It makes things more interesting.”

Timmy’s parents are relieved that their son is finally getting a more well-rounded education, but they can’t help but wonder what other basic concepts he might be missing out on. “We’re just hoping he doesn’t freak out when he finds out that not all dogs are brown,” said Timmy’s mother with a chuckle.


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