Michigan police cram people into cattle cars for defying social distancing order

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has expanded the stay-at-home order she gave during the coronavirus crackdown. Now Michigan residents who defy her order to social distance and stay-at-home will be crammed into a cattle car and resettled at a crowded FEMA camp for their own good.

“If you don’t socially distance, we’re going to cram you into a cattle car and ship you off to a camp where it’s impossible to social distance,” Whitmer said in a press conference.

The expanded order came days after the state erupted in protests over the draconian measures Whitmer has taken to keep everyone safe from the dreaded disease.

“People are dying left and right from COVID-19 whether they have the disease or not,” Whitmer said. “That’s why it’s vital to stay away from other people unless, of course, you’re shopping at Walmart.”

At the time of this writing, more people had died in Michigan from COVID-19 than had died from any cause including COVID-19.

Other hotspots like New York have seen deaths surpass the number of residents.

Some have begun to question the liberal coding for COVID-19 deaths, which are given extra money from the federal government, but those people have been crammed into the boxcars with the other dissidents.