Oxford changes definition of ‘peaceful’ to include ‘surrounded by thousands of troops’


OXFORD, UK- Following a trend of recent changes to the famous dictionary, Oxford announced it updated the definition of ‘peaceful’ to include “surrounded by thousands of troops.”

Select dictionary words are updated every year as the English language evolves. Oxford believes the use of ‘peaceful’ has changed in mainstream discourse and it is time for the dictionary to reflect modern speech as used by the media and public figures.

The definition also added “arson, violence, theft.” It can be used in a sentence like, “The Black Lives Matter protests were mostly peaceful.”

Oxford also changed the definitions of ‘Free’ to “tax payer funded,” ‘Compassion’ to “free government programs” and ‘Nazi’ to “not real socialism.”

Oxford also added an antonym of peaceful, that being ‘peaceful (when used by President Trump)’.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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